¡uliGomezslovato cumple 4 años hoy!

¡uliGomezslovato cumple 4 años hoy!


Oh yes..OH YEEESSS!!!

In case you missed it…. Sorry about the guitar Chris. LOL… http://fb.me/JIaJslRP

A good cause to help out with if your interested. http://www.giltcity.com/los-angeles/hopefieldanimal

For those of you who had to wait “Hit The Lights” is open to everyone now. Let me know your favorite part of the… http://fb.me/vTjT2qmM

º~ Goodnight & Sweet Dreams ~º

I’m so tired, I have a lot of sleep … ZZzzZZzz!!

º~ I’m soo happy I could die!! :D ~º

RT @purple_swirls People are spending the night at the mall to get tickets for @joejonas’ show?I love you dude but that’s too hardcore for a senior in college